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Why Your Charity Can't Raise Money v2

by Andrae Bailey
CEO, Change Everything / Co-Founder, The Collective

The nonprofit sector of the American economy has never been larger than it is today. There is a nonprofit corporation to serve every cause. And often, there are dozens or even hundreds of organizations addressing the same issue.

But if there is one thing that all nonprofits have in common it is their common need for money. Every nonprofit I have ever seen needs more money than it has in order to pursue the lofty goals it has established for itself.

Why is it then that few nonprofits seem capable of raising the financial support they need to do their work? Why is it that nonprofits have such a hard time adequately funding their work? There are five main reasons.


UPDATE: Olivia Sain has collected more than 300 stuffed animals. If you are interested in donating a stuffed animal, you can drop them off at Talbots in Winter Park at 180 N Park Avenue until 8 p.m. Wednesday, November 22.  

Olivia Sain may be an adult, but she needs your stuffed animals for the kids at The Salvation Army.

Sain, 29, who is the daughter of Gary Sain, the former Visit Orlando CEO who passed away suddenly at age 61 in 2012, wants to continue a tradition started by her late father. For years, Gary Sain collected stuffed animals and passed them out to the children at The Salvation Army’s annual Thanksgiving Feast.


Special Olympics Florida has recruited the WWE NXT Superstars to participate in the 4th annual Plane Pull at Orlando International Airport.


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Three Central Florida nonprofits fighting poverty and homelessness will host a special screening of “The Florida Project” at the Enzian Theater  on Nov. 2.

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